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Here are some of the ways we could help:

Restyling & Redecoration

We can redesign, redecorate and rejuvenate the spaces in which you live and work. Whether it’s a simple colour scheme change, replacement of a few furnishings and fittings, or the creation of a completely new direction. 


Over the years, we have built up a very comprehensive library of contacts, knowledge and product sources. We take pride in being at the forefront of interior design trends and constantly update that library.

If you can’t find the product or service you’re looking for, we’re pretty sure we can find it for you.

Refurbishment & Restoration

There are times when dealing with the aesthetic is simply not enough. The whole concept of how your space is planned may need to be re-considered, which could involve structural changes, refurbishment and even restoration of original features.

We can provide the skills required, source the materials needed and oversee the entire project until completion. 


Integrated systems are an indispensable part of many interior design projects. We can build into the design process:

  • mood lighting,
  • multi-room entertainment,
  • motorised curtains and blinds,
  • heating and cooling level controls,
  • security systems and much more.


We can professionally style residential property to help ensure your hour or apartment is more attractive to a potential buyer or renter and sells or rents for the best possible price. Our Home Makeover service is tailored to your needs with helpful staging advice, including:

  • decluttering
  • arranging rental furniture
  • optimising Kerb Appeal
  • photography and video services

Fantastic service provided. We were working with a small, awkward, kitchen and living area, which has now been totally transformed. Jonathan listened to our basic ideas, came up with perfect recommendations and first-class project management. We went through the whole process – knocking walls down, fitting kitchens, upgrading floors and choosing decor, furniture and furnishings. It was fun, we could relax knowing everything was under control and all within our budget.  A great eye for colour and design and we could not be happier. We are about to embark on our second project together.

Alison McN

Flat Renovation,The White House, Waterloo, London

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We cater for all styles, though it is generally thought that interior design styles can be characterised in seven main groups:

Contemporary/ Modern

Looking at anything in fashion at any given current time and, by pure definition, that is contemporary. However, ‘Modern’ is a slightly more subjective and is relative to the circumstances and perspective of the beholder. Contemporary and modern combined together are a popular fusion.

Traditional Style Interior Design- jonathancharles-id.com


This is the style usually associated with period features of recent centuries, in properties and design. As a rule, but not exclusively, in this style of interior design, we would expect to see features such as antique and reproduction furniture, period fireplaces, feature mouldings, elaborate window treatments and the like.


This genre has its roots in the work of the ancient Romans and Greeks – the founders of what today we understand to be the basis of interior design. The most obvious indicators of the ‘Classical ‘style are the Ionic, Doric and Corinthian Orders and columns, marble statues, the intricate and extensive use of geometry in space planning and aesthetics, the lavish use of precious metals, incorporation of the worship of heavenly bodies and so on.


Interior design in the form of ‘Eclectic’ is perhaps the most difficult genre to adequately define. Mainly because it is anything its owner wants it to be. Eclectic interior is often a combination of mismatches, it conforms to no other tradition and is full of surprises. It mixes the known with the unknown and often shocks with its gaudiness.


Many a rural cottage might give an insight into this particular interior design style. Wedgewood crockery, Laura Ashley style fabrics and Pine furniture are just a few of the elements to be found in the typical country/rustic home. This interior design format is usually warm in texture and colour.


Designing in this genre, we keep everything sparse, functional and pure. Minimalist design often relies on light colour tones and/or monochrome effects to emphasise its simplicity. Its style can sometimes be seen as rather masculine.


From a designer’s point of view, if an interior does not fit into any of the categories set out above, it needs a title to separate it. For us, that is ‘Indefinable’.