How We wORK

Our Process

We believe that the best Interior Design results come from a highly collaborative design process between client and designer. Therefore, we work closely with you and your aspiration, every step of the way: from the first meeting to completion of a project.

First Meeting

Our initial consultation while visiting your premises, is always free of charge. The main purpose of this meeting is to establish what you wish to achieve and how we can make it happen.

How to work with Interior Designer - first meeting

Plan Outline

Thereafter, we will provide an outline plan and a preliminary costing for your approval to move forward.

Our plan typically revolves around

space planning and conceptual design

surface treatments, colour and texture

specifying and sourcing furniture and accessories

lighting and flooring options, bespoke joinery

suitable window treatments

Project Management

We manage projects from small refinements to total refurbishment. We provide and supervise tradespeople. Above all, we ensure the completion of projects on time and to budget.

How to work with Interior Designer - project management

What Does a Professional Interior Designer Do?

With the influx of  Social Media, Interior Design is often portrayed just as furniture arrangement and choosing the right colour palette. However, a Professional Interior Designers’ role is much more complex and often results in the total rearrangement of spaces with innovative complete new design solutions, including the introduction of new technologies. To help our clients understand everything involved in the Interior Design process, we created this video using one of our latest projects as an example.


(Frequently Asked Questions on How to work with an Interior Designer)

For a full ‘Turnkey’ service, beginning with initial designs, with Project Management throughout, to a completed concept – we charge a maximum fee of 15% of the total budget cost. Therefore, providing a budget is agreed at the start (which is our preferred option) you will always know at the beginning, our total cost at the end.

Not at all. One of an Interior Designer’s objectives is to provide a service which is paramount in terms of value for money – part of our reputation depends on that. Just as importantly, we never begin a project without a preliminary budget already being agreed with the client. Thereafter, should any unanticipated costs arise during the project, these will be up for discussion and agreement before progression.

No, never. Our fees are always invoiced upon completion of each project. However, when making numerous purchases on your behalf, we may ask to be reimbursed as things progress.

We are a long-established company and consequently have trade accounts with many suppliers. Those accounts provide us with discounts ranging from 5% to 30% against retail prices. By making purchases direct, we pass those discounts on to you.

Every project is different. Providing advice on making some small refinements to one room might take an hour our two. A total refurbishment could take two months plus. However, timescales will always be advised before any type of work commences.

That could not happen because the process we use, ensures that you approve all elements of the design, stage by stage. We would not take on a project at the start and simply hand over a finished job without your complete acceptance of the project step by step.

Yes, of course! It is rare for any design project to disregard all existing items and start completely anew. Therefore, we are used to combining treasured pieces with newer items.   

We believe good Interior Design is a collaborative process between client and designer. We will make sure we understand your vision before we start with design and you will be asked for feedback on a regular basis. 

Yes, over the years we have built up many resources for sourcing unusual materials, pieces of furniture, Object D’art, and artisan one offs, etc. We also work in partnership with a specialist joinery company, whereby we design and manufacture bespoke cabinetry and furniture.  

We get involved in every aspect of interiors, lighting is just one of those. You will see some of our lighting plans in our Case Studies.




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