How do Interior Designers Work? – The Principles of Design


Is there a science behind what they do?

There is – and having just relaunched our new website – we now begin our new blog series on that subject.

Starting, with the first of our guides to some of the *‘Principles’ and ‘Elements’ at the core of the technical part of the Interior Design process. 

This short note provides a small insight into how professionals work and will also be useful to those keen to make their own home design improvements.

Interior Design Principles are numerous, probably eight or more dominate the way Interior Designers approach their work.

So, what are the fundamentals?


BALANCE, HARMONY and RHYTHM – are just three of the Principles essential to most successful interiors.

Eight ‘Principles’ of Interior Design

  • Balance 
  • Rhythm
  • Harmony
  • Emphasis
  • Proportion
  • Scale 
  • Unity

and Eight ‘Elements’ of Interior Design

  • Line
  • Space
  • Form
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Colour
  • Light
  • Time


First, BALANCE: equilibrium – an even distribution of weight – a situation in which different elements are equal.  Balance makes a room both easy on the eye and feels comfortable to be in.

One way of achieving BALANCE is through symmetry – like this:

Symmetry in Interior Design
Symmetry in Interior Design example


HARMONY: the fitting together of parts to form a connected whole – the combination of elements that form an agreeable aesthetic.

Symmetry in Interior Design- white lounge

Harmony can often be the art of successful combinations.

Here, there is some symmetry, but the focus on HARMONY,  is achieved by putting together some items which are quite different from each but still combine well together.


RHYTHM: a pattern of recurrence – systematic arrangement

Rhythm often involves repeating colour or texture

In this interior, RHYTHM is mostly achieved by using compatible materials like the dark wood flooring with the similar textured furniture.

RHYTHM in Interior Design

So these are our first notes on some ‘Principles’ of Interior Design.

Balance, Harmony & Rhythm; just three simple ones used by professionals to help create a ‘designed’ look to a room. 

This topic will continue and you can follow it further it in subsequent blogs/journals.

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