Why all the excitement about concrete…..?

People are asking questions. Understandably so. Concrete and interior design – what is it all about?

Well, known so much for building 1960’s tower blocks, motorway bridges and multi-storey car parks – concrete is now making a stunning appearance in domestic interiors.

From light fittings to kitchen worktops:

Liteball is a waterproof stainless steel energy efficient LED fitting encased in a sculptural concrete sphere for interior or exterior use.

Liteball can be stacked in multiples or simply positioned on any of its ‘knobbly feet’ to illuminate in angled directions. Ideal for accent lighting in architectural, interior or garden features.






Unlike more conventional worktop surfaces, concrete can be made to virtually any size, thickness and required profile.

Here we see a tinted, light grey,65mm thick, bespoke top with sloping drainage grooves.

Simple, but striking and 100% functional.




Concrete is now used in the home as wall cladding, basins, fire surrounds, benches, wet rooms and in a host of other applications.

But, most importantly, from our view, concrete, polished, creates an incredible a floor surface.

Here are a couple of examples:

Below – mixing a ‘speckle’ in with polished concrete gives it almost a Granite like appearance, perfect to contrast with the white kitchen units.












Right – in an almost pure white finish for a stark, crisp interior.


Why are polished concrete floors in the home so desirable – here’s just a few reasons.

They are:

  • beautifully crisp and aesthetically pleasing.
  • competitively priced in comparison to any comparable flooring; Marble, Granite, Porcelain or Limestone, etc.
  • one of the very few totally seamless floor products available, to cover very large areas. And, if the floor area is so vast that expansion joints are required, those become a feature not an eyesore – the tiny grooves required, are for designers, an attractive and welcome ‘check’ line.
  • easy to clean and requiring minimal maintenance.
  • suitable for application over underfloor heating.
  • tintable to virtually any colour – so coordination with other interior elements is limitless.
  • anti-static and light reflective.
  • extremely durable, lasting not years but decades
  • environmentally friendly *


Three more concrete floors, just to show their versatility:







As might be expected, forming part of a very crisp, minimal interior.




                                                                                                               And here, working just as well in a more casual space.

Even in a fairly rustic interior, surprisingly, polished concrete still looks good.

But, here is the best bit:

Virtually all other comparable flooring must be cut on site to size and profile – a very labour intensive and slow process. But not concrete flooring, which is poured not laid. Therefore, even very large floor areas can be completed in a few days with minimum disruption.

For further information on this or any other aspect of Interior Design please get in touch.


*For data associated with an ‘average’ tonne of concrete, suitable for use in a carbon calculator, visit: www.sustainableconcrete.org.uk










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