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We have been telling our clients for years about the fantastic multi-room audio systems produced by Sonos.

You may have heard the XFM radio promotions and competitions featuring Sonos products or maybe seen some of their very recent TV ads. So, after more than ten years in the making, Sonos seem to be going main stream.

For those not familiar with the concept, Sonos essentially provides all that is required to wirelessly stream music from Internet sources to multiple home zones. But, just as importantly, their systems are also designed to provide connections to CD players, TVs, DVD players, and radios. Thus, facilitating the wireless streaming of the same sound or alternative audio sources from a varied selection of devices to all rooms in the house, simultaneously.

For those lucky enough to have a home theatre or similar, there is also a wireless surround sound system option.

The great part is that everything is controlled using their free download app for your iPhone, iPad and most Android devices. So no more use then for a lot of those remote controls cluttering up your bedside or coffee table!

And, the really good news is that the recent launch, in October this year, of the Sonos Play 1,puts one of their wireless systems well within the average budget.

For the technical stuff and a really well written review of the new product just mentioned, go to Digital Trends review of the Sonos 1.
For competitive prices on total systems or component parts try Richer Sounds.

Sonos are not the only manufacturers of wireless audio, but in our view, they are the pioneers and well placed to completely change the way we think about home sound systems. Therefore, we say before buying any new home audio, check out the Sonos demo at their official website.

At JCID Ltd we can not only give advice on this sort of techno stuff but, with our partners, we can provide complete home automation solutions.

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