Why all the excitement about concrete…..?

People are asking questions. Understandably so. Concrete and interior design – what is it all about? Well, known so much for building 1960’s tower blocks, motorway bridges and multi-storey car parks – concrete is now making a stunning appearance in

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“And this seasons colours are……..”

You have probably seen the sort of articles in magazines or websites where somebody puts forward a colour palette or list of colours as, ‘This Seasons Must Have Colours’ for your home – with the implication that the starting point for your

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You want to be an Interior Designer?

Do you? From time to time we receive enquiries from aspiring Interior Designers. Mostly they ask about how to get into the industry, the best way to get trained and, somewhat surprisingly, how to set up their own Interior Design

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Interested in Metallic Flooring?

  We think metal effect domestic flooring deserves a bit more positive exposure. It seems to us that such flooring has not yet gone fully mainstream, possibly because not enough is known about the choices. So, here is our guide to

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Here’s a question often asked: If I buy and fit a big framed decorative mirror to a room, will it give the impression of more space? Answer: By all means buy and fit a framed mirror you like, that suits

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What’s new?

A recent collaboration between two of our favourite companies Lutron Electronics (pioneers in motorisation and controls) and the Bradley Collection (designers and makers of exquisite curtain hardware and accessories) sees the launch this week of their motorised curtain pole range.

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A lighter note

We know our last post was rather long and a bit wordy. So our apologies for those of you we sent to sleep with it – and our sincere thanks and congratulations to anyone who managed to plough through to

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Why on earth would you use an Interior Designer?

We’ve all seen the low budget and last minute makeover programmes on television, haven’t we? The Interior Designer seems to be fully employed just plumping up cushions, sticking things on a wall with Blu-tack and trying to convince the young

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Thinking of buying some new home audio?

We have been telling our clients for years about the fantastic multi-room audio systems produced by Sonos. You may have heard the XFM radio promotions and competitions featuring Sonos products or maybe seen some of their very recent TV ads.

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Traditional radiator covers not your style?

We have just taken delivery of our latest designed radiator cabinets. The design was prompted by a particular project where cabinets were required to complement a very modern, crisp and sleek interior. So, rather than using traditional grills, the front

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