A lighter note

We know our last post was rather long and a bit wordy.

So our apologies for those of you we sent to sleep with it – and our sincere thanks and congratulations to anyone who managed to plough through to the very end.

It was just that there were some things we wanted to get off our chests and, at JCID Ltd, we all feel a little better, knowing we have addressed some of the misconceptions about what Interior Designers actually do with their lives and for their clients – and we hope some of you found something interesting in it.

So, let’s put that to one side and move on to something more visually stimulating and a whole lot more fun!

We stumble across many websites with all sorts of design stuff, most of which you may have already seen. So, as a rule we wouldn’t normally use a post just to send you to another design site. But, occasionally, we find a resource that just lightens up our lives and makes us think a bit. And this one is not only an absolute gem but it seems to also be a bit of a well-kept secret. With the slightly misleading name for the main site (art, film, music and style etc.) entitled ‘Late Mag’, and the product and design side of things under the banner of ‘Breathe Modern’.

Some of our favourites are the ‘Floating House’ by Confused Direction













The ‘RainHeaven’ shower by ‘Joerger’

















And the ‘Summer Cloud’ sun lounger by Dedon











But, the ‘Sliding House’ video is out there in a class of its own.

How fantastic that would be: To live in a glass house in the summer that becomes a timber one in the winter!

If edgy, award winning design is something that interests you, see http://latemag.com/ and http://latemag.com/modern/.

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